Would you eat 50 pounds of cheese for $1,000,000?


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Kevin Kongwattanachai answers:
Answer: yes!

Since you didn’t specify the location of the cheese when weighed, I will assume the cheese is weighted on the surface of a neutron star. The gravitational field at a neutron star’s surface is about 2×10^11 times stronger than on Earth

Since a neutron star has 200000000000 time the gravity of earth, this means that the cheese will weigh 200000000000 times heavier. In outer words, that piece of cheese will be 200000000000 times lighter on earth. The 50 lbs piece of cheese, when brought back to earth, weighs 0.00000000025 lbs. That is basically just a crumb. Will I eat a crumb of cheese for a million dollars? HECK YEAH!