Who is the richest among all the DC and Marvel superheroes?

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User Bibek Baral Answers:

I’m going to give an unusual answer to this question.

Majority of people think that Black Panther, Iron Man and Batman are three of the richest people. But, I find that wrong. People believe Black Panther is richest because he rules a country where Vibranium is found.

If we apply the same rule, then Aquaman and Namor the Sub-mariner should be above BP in terms of wealth. They rule 70% of the Earth’s land. And, the sea has many valuable items such as pearls, rubies, etc. They even control all of the wildlife. The whole of sea life has to be of some worth. Furthermore, we have not discovered much about the deepest parts of the oceans. Who knows what valuables are present there? We all have heard about tales of sunken treasure and valuable artifacts present in the sea. It all belongs to Aquaman/Namor. That way, they should be the richest.

Furthermore, they can increase their wealth by improving tourism, energy generation and several other things.

Next contender would be Thor. He is the prince of Asgard and has an indestructible hammer. Once he becomes the king, all of Asgard’s resources are at his disposal, which, I believe, should be some haul. But he isn’t really Earthbound so I’m not mentioning much about him.

Lastly there are two individuals who seek my curiosity when it comes to wealth: Vandal Savage and Ra’s al Ghul. One lived for thousands of years involving himself into almost every major civilization and collected wealth. Wealth accumulated over tens of thousands of years is bound to be something. And just think of the artifacts and cultural information he (may) possess. I don’t quite believe that he can challenge all of Ocean’s wealth but is worth mentioning. The next portion is the leader of an ancient assassin’s syndicate. He ran/owned the entire League of Shadows, who destroyed many civilizations and probably collected their wealth. Again that may not be enough to challenge the King of Seven seas, but is worth mentioning.

P.S. If you still have a hard time believing me that Black Panther’s resources are not much compared to entire ocean, then I’ll provide you with additional information.

According to Marvel, Wakanda has 10,000 tons of Vibranium whose price is $10,000 per gram. So according to maths, the Vibranium of Wakanda is worth about $100 Trillion. From what I found on Wikipedia the total household net worth in the US is $80.664 Trillion (I can be wrong I looked it up on Wikipedia and don’t understand much about the economy). And according to some answers in Quora, the total wealth of the world is estimated around $250 trillion by Credit Suisse. So, the total civilization that lives on 30% of Earth is worth around 2.5 times Wakanda’s Vibranium reserve, then surely the civilization that lives in rest 70% has much more than that.

Now, Atlantis and the underwater civilization is not poor. They use gold and silver for trade and have valuable Jewels and other artifacts. Not to mention the rate of pearls and other minerals. That’s just mentioning the Oceans explored and discovered. Humans have only explored about 5–10% of the ocean floor. No one can guess what’s on the remaining undiscovered place.

That is why I believe Aquaman/Namor should be richest earthbound characters excluding magical and reality warpers beings who can just summon endless wealth.