This Grand Theft Auto Lego Video is The Stuff of Legends

What might a remake of the popular video game franchise, Grand Theft Auto, look like with a Lego makeover?

YouTube user Nukazooka is well-known for video game mash-ups and reimaginings, like last year’s viral hit Portal Vs. Half Life. Many of ‘zooka’s videos feature a combination of live action and Legos, but the new GTA video is entirely digital. While building a stop-motion animation brick-by-brick is already ambitiously insane, doing it digitally is even more painstaking and time-consuming.

Nukazooka’s Grand Theft Auto/Lego mash-up beautifully combines the childlike innocence that Lego’s is best known for with GTA’s over-the-top violence. The main character does everything a Grand Theft Auto protagonist does, including hijacking cars, carrying a rocket launcher, and getting a haircut.

Rockstar Games should take a hint, and develop a proper Grand Theft Auto Lego game. Check out the video below: