Infographic: Rent In World’s 30 Most Magnetic Cities Compared

We all know renting in big cities is expensive and having to sacrifice space to reduce rent quickly becomes a consideration. However, there are few cities out there that are just in a league of their own and you’ll have to dish out a pretty penny to rent any decent amount of square footage. At times, when you’re just starting out your career, fresh out of college, or simply being more conservative with what you spend on rent, getting a roommate or two is the only viable option.

So how many pennies are we talking about here? To answer that question, we leveraged RentCafe’s in-depth analysis on the subject to calculate the cost of rent per square foot, as illustrated in the infographic below. We won’t bore you with the details around their methodology here but if you’re interested in learning more about it, please follow the link above.

And while the interactive infographic speaks for itself, it’s interesting to see the range of cost of rent per square foot between the 30 cities listed there. Additionally, it’s mind blogging exactly how expensive some of these major cities.