This Is The Coolest Place To Learn More About Volcanos

Too often, design and hard science come off as inaccessible and divorced from the daily realities and needs of regular people. Both design and earth sciences are de-mystified in this stunning new installation for Iceland’s Lava Center, created as a collaboration between Gagarin Designs and Basalt Architects.

The Icelandic design firm Gagarin Designs has created an impressive, immersive exhibition, showcasing the titanic forces that shape our planet. So much of the Earth’s processes and mechanisms lie below the surface, unseen by the naked eye, making it difficult to envision the natural forces at work. What is out of sight has a tendency to slip out of mind.

Given the conversation around global climate change and the changes it’s wreaking on the ecosphere, it is the perfect time to illustrate natural sciences, such as geology and volcanology – the study of volcanoes – on which the Lava Center has a crash course.

Geology Globe: By turning a large wheel visitors learn that Iceland was created when the tectonic-plate margins drifted over a stationary Mantle plume that lies underneath the island today.

The Fiery Heart of Iceland: An exhibit showing the size of the Mantle plume relative to Iceland. The reconstruction is in accordance with measurements done by scientists who measured the phenomena.

Intro to Volcanology: In this room, visitors can learn about all the different types of volcanoes and volcanic systems found in Iceland.

You can find more pictures at the Gagarin Designs site and learn more about the Lava Center on its official site.