Harvest Festival In Japan Creates Amazing Super-Sized Rice Straw Sculptures

Piles of leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, jack o’ lanterns – there are many signs that fall have arrived. Japanese artists from Uwasekigata Park have created an insanely ambitious new way to celebrate the harvest, sculpting enormous larger-than-life animal sculptures out of recycled rice-straw.

The straw sculptures are a regular fixture of the Wara Arts Festival, for which these straw beasts were created. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the annual arts festival, and the artists are commemorating the occasion in grand style.

The rice-straw sculptures are so large they require an implanted wooden frame to keep the structures upright. Thus far, artists have completed larger-than-life versions of a rhino, crocodile, gorilla, and a fearsome depiction of a snarling lion.

Harvest sculptures have been part of autumnal celebrations throughout history and in many cultures throughout time. The Wara Art Festival rice-straw sculptures are a whole new level of impressive, however. People are going to have to really step up their Halloween decorations, next year.


Watch this amazing time-lapse video of how artists put one of the sculptures together.


Ware Art Festival: Website
h/t [Spoon & Tamago]