Groom Saves A Drowning Boy, Doesn’t Even Waste Time To Take His Jacket Off

PHOTO CREDIT: Hatt Photography

A groom from Kitchener, Canada saved the day for a little boy in trouble earlier this week, thinking nothing of himself and his wedding finery.

Brittany and Clayton Cook were having their wedding photos taken immediately after the service. Suddenly, Clayton Cook takes off in a flash, diving headfirst into a nearby river without bothering to remove his suit. Speaking on the heroic incident and what was going through his head, Cook told a reporter “His face was underwater and he was fighting, like he was really fighting,” The whole dramatic incident was captured by wedding photographer Darren Hatt.

That’s just the kind of man Clayton Cook is, according to his new wife Brittany. “That’s Clay like that’s Clay to me. It’s something he would just instinctively do.”

Hold on to that one, Brittany. Clayton Cook is a shining example of brotherly love in a dog-eat-dog world.