6 Gothic Lolita Fashion On The Rise In Japan


Elegant Gothic Lolita, also known as EGL, is a fashion subculture that began in the 90s. Inspired by the clothing brands like Pink House and Milk, the origins of the name remain unknown. Some believe that the book, Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov was the inspiration behind the name though EGL followers quickly move to shut that theory down, for obvious reasons.

The fashion carries shades of Alice in Wonderland, however with a slightly darker motif. Typically an EGL wears puffy skirts, frills, huge ribbons, and bonnets; essentially coming across as a Victorian doll. However, despite the word Gothic in the name, there are several Lolita sub-styles that aren’t necessarily Gothic. EGL is a true example of exactly this. We’ve put together a list of six EGL fashion sub-styles that don’t look remotely gothic. 


Country Lolita is a bit like Sweet and Classic mixed together but more toned down. Prints of gingham, straw hats, bonnets, and basket purses are nice staples. Parasols, fruit prints, and gloves could also make up this look.

Old School

Inspired by vintage pieces from early days of fashion, Old School Lolita makes use of lace, clunkier shoes like Mary Janes and toned down color schemes typically in one shade.


Classic, not to be confused with old school, is similar to Sweet, but more mature with muted colors. Floral prints are popular and A-line cuts of dresses are used more often than the bell-shaped silhouette of the other styles.


One look at this style and you can see why it is called Sweet! Pastels and soft colors make up the color schemes. Big head bows topped with ribbons and lace that can almost swallow your whole head.

Over The Top

Over the Top fashion makes heavy use of printed socks, colorful blouses, and elaborate hair accessories. Colorful Wigs are also used to polish it all off.


Less popular than the others, the toned down and simple Sailor Lolita dresses are often A-line accompanied by a sailor collar that you may see of seifuku type outfits. Colors are often black, blue, and white, and have nautical themes.