Real Estate Firm Founder Gifts its 198 Employees with $10M Christmas Bonus, Averaging $50k per Employee

A real estate firm located in Baltimore, Maryland, handed out more than $10 million this Christmas season to its 198 employees, according to Fox News. The average Christmas bonus for the employees at St. John Properties was $50,000, although one employee received $270,000. For most of the employees at this real estate company, this money is going to alter the course of their lives forever. 

The founder of St. John Properties, Edward St. John, gave out the $10 million in Christmas bonuses after the company had reached the goal of developing over 20 million square feet of space in eight different states. St. John said that he was very thankful to each and every employee for helping the company reach that goal and wanted to reward those employees in a way that they’d remember.

The announcement of these Christmas bonuses was made at the annual holiday party, which was held this past weekend. When employees received their envelopes and opened them revealing the bonus, many of them cried and were overwhelmed at the generosity of St. John. The entire heartfelt moment was captured on video and then released for everyone to witness the act of generosity. Many were excited to see just how much the bonus was worth, while other employees were very appreciative that St. John went above and beyond for them. For a lot of the employees, the Christmas bonus is a life-changing amount of money.

St. John determined the amount of money to award to each employee based on the number of years they had worked for the company. The employee that received $270,000 had been with the company 44 years. The act of generosity from the founder of this Mid-Atlantic real estate firm all comes back to the fact St. John feels as if the employees are everything to the company. While he acknowledges he is the man behind the scenes, it’s the employees who really are responsible for making the company a success and are the reason the company reached its goal this year.