Harvest Festival In Japan Creates Amazing Super-Sized Rice Straw Sculptures

Piles of leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, jack o’ lanterns – there are many signs that fall have arrived. Japanese artists from Uwasekigata Park have created an insanely ambitious new way to celebrate the harvest, sculpting enormous larger-than-life animal sculptures out of recycled rice-straw.

The straw sculptures are a regular fixture of the Wara Arts Festival, for which these straw beasts were created. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the annual arts festival, and the artists are commemorating the occasion in grand style.

The rice-straw sculptures are so large they require an implanted wooden frame to keep the structures upright. Thus far, artists have completed larger-than-life versions of a rhino, crocodile, gorilla, and a fearsome depiction of a snarling lion.

Harvest sculptures have been part of autumnal celebrations throughout history and in many cultures throughout time. The Wara Art Festival rice-straw sculptures are a whole new level of impressive, however. People are going to have to really step up their Halloween decorations, next year.


Watch this amazing time-lapse video of how artists put one of the sculptures together.


Ware Art Festival: Website
h/t [Spoon & Tamago]

Who is the richest among all the DC and Marvel superheroes?

PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr – CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 – Dirty Dancing by Lyarks
This article was originally published on Quora.com

User Bibek Baral Answers:

I’m going to give an unusual answer to this question.

Majority of people think that Black Panther, Iron Man and Batman are three of the richest people. But, I find that wrong. People believe Black Panther is richest because he rules a country where Vibranium is found.

If we apply the same rule, then Aquaman and Namor the Sub-mariner should be above BP in terms of wealth. They rule 70% of the Earth’s land. And, the sea has many valuable items such as pearls, rubies, etc. They even control all of the wildlife. The whole of sea life has to be of some worth. Furthermore, we have not discovered much about the deepest parts of the oceans. Who knows what valuables are present there? We all have heard about tales of sunken treasure and valuable artifacts present in the sea. It all belongs to Aquaman/Namor. That way, they should be the richest.

Furthermore, they can increase their wealth by improving tourism, energy generation and several other things.

Next contender would be Thor. He is the prince of Asgard and has an indestructible hammer. Once he becomes the king, all of Asgard’s resources are at his disposal, which, I believe, should be some haul. But he isn’t really Earthbound so I’m not mentioning much about him.

Lastly there are two individuals who seek my curiosity when it comes to wealth: Vandal Savage and Ra’s al Ghul. One lived for thousands of years involving himself into almost every major civilization and collected wealth. Wealth accumulated over tens of thousands of years is bound to be something. And just think of the artifacts and cultural information he (may) possess. I don’t quite believe that he can challenge all of Ocean’s wealth but is worth mentioning. The next portion is the leader of an ancient assassin’s syndicate. He ran/owned the entire League of Shadows, who destroyed many civilizations and probably collected their wealth. Again that may not be enough to challenge the King of Seven seas, but is worth mentioning.

P.S. If you still have a hard time believing me that Black Panther’s resources are not much compared to entire ocean, then I’ll provide you with additional information.

According to Marvel, Wakanda has 10,000 tons of Vibranium whose price is $10,000 per gram. So according to maths, the Vibranium of Wakanda is worth about $100 Trillion. From what I found on Wikipedia the total household net worth in the US is $80.664 Trillion (I can be wrong I looked it up on Wikipedia and don’t understand much about the economy). And according to some answers in Quora, the total wealth of the world is estimated around $250 trillion by Credit Suisse. So, the total civilization that lives on 30% of Earth is worth around 2.5 times Wakanda’s Vibranium reserve, then surely the civilization that lives in rest 70% has much more than that.

Now, Atlantis and the underwater civilization is not poor. They use gold and silver for trade and have valuable Jewels and other artifacts. Not to mention the rate of pearls and other minerals. That’s just mentioning the Oceans explored and discovered. Humans have only explored about 5–10% of the ocean floor. No one can guess what’s on the remaining undiscovered place.

That is why I believe Aquaman/Namor should be richest earthbound characters excluding magical and reality warpers beings who can just summon endless wealth.

Groom Saves A Drowning Boy, Doesn’t Even Waste Time To Take His Jacket Off

PHOTO CREDIT: Hatt Photography

A groom from Kitchener, Canada saved the day for a little boy in trouble earlier this week, thinking nothing of himself and his wedding finery.

Brittany and Clayton Cook were having their wedding photos taken immediately after the service. Suddenly, Clayton Cook takes off in a flash, diving headfirst into a nearby river without bothering to remove his suit. Speaking on the heroic incident and what was going through his head, Cook told a reporter “His face was underwater and he was fighting, like he was really fighting,” The whole dramatic incident was captured by wedding photographer Darren Hatt.

That’s just the kind of man Clayton Cook is, according to his new wife Brittany. “That’s Clay like that’s Clay to me. It’s something he would just instinctively do.”

Hold on to that one, Brittany. Clayton Cook is a shining example of brotherly love in a dog-eat-dog world.

Guess What? Pigeons Are Better Than You At Multitasking

People just aren’t that good at multitasking, despite what productivity gurus and life coaches might say. The Current Biology Journal published a recent study concluding that pigeons may actually be better at multitasking than humans. Pigeons have tested to switch tasks at least as efficiently as people, and sometimes more so.

Researchers from Ruhr-University Bochum, in Germany, believe pigeons adeptness at multitasking may be due to their high neuronal density. These findings have revolutionized the current understanding of neurobiology. Scientists had previously believed the mammalian cerebral cortex to be the anatomical reason for cognitive ability. Pigeons don’t have a cerebral cortex, yet they are still able to multitask.

This research suggests that neuron density may have more to do with cognitive ability than the mammalian cerebral cortex. We’ll have to wait to find out more, but we’ll never look at the word ‘birdbrain’ the same again.


Ernest Hemingway’s Cats See Out 130-MPH Hurricane Irma In a Limestone Fortess

PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr – CC – 2.0 – Cat at Hemingway Home by Sam Howzitz

Not everyone chose to heed the government’s warning to evacuate the Florida Keys in anticipation of Hurricane Irma’s fury. Among those that chose to stay put and ride out the storm were 54 six- and seven-toed cats that live in author Ernest Hemingway’s former home.

Despite severe weather warnings, the Ernest Hemingway Home And Museum manager Jacque Sand and curator Dave Gonzalez, opted to brave the 18-inch water and 130-mph winds, safely secured in thick limestone walls.

Even some of Hemingway’s closest living relatives were advising evacuation. Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, told the directors “Get in the car with the cats and take off,” as reported by TMZ.com.

It seems they made the right decision, as all are safe and secure, with the museum manager and curator and 54 cats surviving the ordeal thanks to three generators, private Internet, and water supply.

Infographic: Rent In World’s 30 Most Magnetic Cities Compared

We all know renting in big cities is expensive and having to sacrifice space to reduce rent quickly becomes a consideration. However, there are few cities out there that are just in a league of their own and you’ll have to dish out a pretty penny to rent any decent amount of square footage. At times, when you’re just starting out your career, fresh out of college, or simply being more conservative with what you spend on rent, getting a roommate or two is the only viable option.

So how many pennies are we talking about here? To answer that question, we leveraged RentCafe’s in-depth analysis on the subject to calculate the cost of rent per square foot, as illustrated in the infographic below. We won’t bore you with the details around their methodology here but if you’re interested in learning more about it, please follow the link above.

And while the interactive infographic speaks for itself, it’s interesting to see the range of cost of rent per square foot between the 30 cities listed there. Additionally, it’s mind blogging exactly how expensive some of these major cities.

[Interactive Infographic] Percentage of People Living In Poverty By Each U.S State

For the past 50 years, the Government has used Current Population Survey (CPS) as their primary source of statistics on employment and unemployment. At the same time, a very important secondary purpose of this survey is to collect data on the demographic status of the population, information such as age, sex, race, marital status, educational attainment, and family structure.

The survey currently interviews 54,000 households every month for four consecutive months one year, and again for the corresponding time period a year later. Among many other important things to come out of this survey, one interesting piece data that comes out of this survey are the percentage of families classified as being above or below the poverty level in each state. Worth mentioning that households are classified above or below the poverty level using a poverty index adopted by a Federal Interagency.

As the data in the interactive chart below shows most Southern states like Mississippi, Louisiana and New Mexico are hit the hardest. Whereas as East Coast and West Coast follow next. It’s most of the states in the center of the country that are doing well when it comes to making sure that residents aren’t living in poverty. For deeper insight, use the graph below. Zoom in to focus on a particular region or simply click or tap on a state for its poverty rate.

Data Source: Census.gov

Study: ADHD Maybe Overlooked In Young Girls

PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr – CC BY 2.0 – ADHD by Practical Cures

A new NHS study suggests ADHD may be overlooked in young girls, as they tend to behave better than young boys.

The National Institute Of Health And Care Excellence (NICE) has reported findings that ADHD may be going untreated in young girls and women, who may be less likely to exhibit the most well-known traits of the condition. NICE reports that young girls with ADHD are more likely to exhibit behaviors that are harder to notice, such as having a hard time concentrating, poor organizational skills, and forgetfulness; none of which are traditionally linked to ‘hyperactivity’. According to the chairwoman of NICE’s guideline committee, Dr. Gillian Baird, nearly half of ADHD cases in young girls may go unnoticed. “Among the possibilities are that boys present with more obviously disruptive behavior,” Baird says.

Psychologists estimate that around 5% of school-age children suffer from ADHD, which is often characterized by restlessness and impulsiveness, which often lead to disruptive behavior in the classroom.

In recent years, treating ADHD with diet and nutrition has been gaining in popularity. NICE advises against treating ADHD in young children solely with nutrition, however. While elimination diets, like the popular Feingold Diet, have shown to be effective in treating ADHD for certain young children, it’s difficult to determine who will respond positively to elimination diets. NICE recommends only attempting to treat ADHD with special diets when consulting with a trained nutritionist and mental health experts.

Instead, NICE researchers advocate for regular doses of Ritalin, rather than relying on it as a last resort. Although Ritalin prescriptions have nearly doubled in the last decade, according to the NHS, the popular prescription drug is still not recommended as the first line of defense in treating ADHD.

ADHD experts recommend beginning with behavioral treatment or counseling first, with medication being prescribed only after attempts at modifying the environment have failed. NICE also recommends that only trained psychologists or mental health specialists prescribe Ritalin, going against the common wisdom that General Practitioners can prescribe behavioral medication.

The controversy in treatment and diagnosis hints at the crisis facing our children. ADHD – and related treatments – continues to rise. We need to continue to be vigilant so that every child can get the treatment that will work best for them.

This Grand Theft Auto Lego Video is The Stuff of Legends

What might a remake of the popular video game franchise, Grand Theft Auto, look like with a Lego makeover?

YouTube user Nukazooka is well-known for video game mash-ups and reimaginings, like last year’s viral hit Portal Vs. Half Life. Many of ‘zooka’s videos feature a combination of live action and Legos, but the new GTA video is entirely digital. While building a stop-motion animation brick-by-brick is already ambitiously insane, doing it digitally is even more painstaking and time-consuming.

Nukazooka’s Grand Theft Auto/Lego mash-up beautifully combines the childlike innocence that Lego’s is best known for with GTA’s over-the-top violence. The main character does everything a Grand Theft Auto protagonist does, including hijacking cars, carrying a rocket launcher, and getting a haircut.

Rockstar Games should take a hint, and develop a proper Grand Theft Auto Lego game. Check out the video below:

7 Cool Kitchen Gadgets That You’re Going To Want To Get Immediately

Technology in the digital age has brought innovation to nearly every industry and home kitchens are no exception. Smart kitchen appliances have taken the art of cooking and backed it up with a layer of precision and science, helping you to make that perfect meal every time. While there’s a lot to choose from, we’ve hand-selected seven of our favorites based on functionality and user reviews.

Instant Pot 7-in-1 Smart Electric Pressure Cooker

Price: $159.99 + Free Shipping

Instant Pot 7-in-1 Smart Electric Pressure Cooker easily replaces seven gadgets in your kitchen. Say goodbye to your pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté and warmer. Smart electric pressure cooker connects right to your smart device using Bluetooth, allowing you to easily program and monitor progress. Additionally, this nifty smart appliance is accompanied by an app which provides recipes and gives you the ability to program cooking steps in recipe scripts to the smart electric pressure cooker.

Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Price: $119.00 + Free Shipping

Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker will take your cooking to the next level, not that it’s not already there but you know what we mean. This smart kitchen appliance brings sous vide cooking to your home, allowing you to cook food to the exact level of doneness desired, every time. Moreover, its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to start, stop and monitor progress from your smart device so you’re not tied to the kitchen. Get ready to cook meats, fish, vegetables, soups, and desserts sous vide style.

Greater Goods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Price: $39.99 + Free Shipping

Well if you’re going to be cooking, you’ll obviously be using food. Duh!! Well, this is where this bad boy comes into play. Whether you’re counting calories, cutting carbs, or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you will love this innovative smart scale. It not only weighs your food but provides nutritional information right on the scale. It contains nutritional data for up to 2000 foods and allows you to add another 99 custom items that they may have missed. You can track macros, calories, sugar intake, and more. And if that’s not enough, you can switch between grams, ounces, and pounds. This small thing is a beast!

iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

Price: $67.99 + Free Shipping

This is another one for people who love cooking but not necessarily standing in the kitchen waiting for it to cook. iDevices Kitchen Thermometer continuously sends two different temperature readings directly to your smart device using Bluetooth connectivity. So when your food reaches optimal temperature, you can just make your way back to the kitchen and take it out.

Vacuvita: Save & Prepare Food

Price: $249.00 + Free Shipping

The Vacuvita Home Base is a vacuum sealed food preparation and storage must have. It connects to your smart device to expand the options and settings like no vacuum sealer has before. Your phone keeps track of how long everything is stored and the latest it should be consumed by. One of its key features is that it also works with your existing vacuum bags and containers.

Admetior Stainless Steel Digital Spoon Scale

Price: $14.98 + Free Shipping

We’re clearly putting a ton of effort here into cooking. The last thing we want is to add extra salt or spices and this is where the digital spoon scale comes in. Admetior Stainless Steel Digital Spoon Scale is a real must have. The detachable scoop, which allows for cleaning, can measure up to 10 ounces and reads in grams or ounces. It comes with a teaspoon and tablespoon.

Perfect Drink PRO Smart Scale + Recipe App

Price: $75.99 + Free Shipping

Be that nerdy bartender at home and make perfect drinks every time with the Perfect Drink PRO Smart Scale. This cool device takes inventory of your liquor cabinet and stores it one your smart phone or tablet. Connect the scale with the app and make perfect drinks with access to more than 400 recipes. It tells you when to stop, but also will tell you how to fix that drink and still make it perfect should you have a heavy hand and over pour.