6-Year Old Applies For Lego Building Job, Boasting ‘Lots Of Experience’

A particularly precocious six-year-old, Stanley Bolland from Waterloo, Hampshire, in the UK, is getting a gigantic head start on his dream career as a Lego builder. The young boy was inspired by a job posting by the titanic toy enterprise to write a handwritten letter, explaining: “”I am the man [for] the job because I have lots of experience.”

Bolland was not awarded the job, ultimately, but Lego management were so moved by the application they arranged a working placement alongside Lego’s theme park model makers. One co-worker weighed in with a performance evaluation. Theme park employee Paula Laughton said: “Stanley showed great promise, so we hope this will inspire him.”

Earlier this year, the hiring firm Merlin Entertainment Group set out to hire some new builders for Lego’s new theme park in Windsor. Model designers would be responsible for designing and then implementing animated figures for the theme park. Designers were encouraged to show off their backgrounds in product design, IT, and industrial design, as well as “interest or knowledge about Lego and creation of Lego models”.

Stanley Bolland was inspired, feeling that he was the perfect fit for the job, no doubt looking to scoop up the “competitive annual salary” and 40% discount on Lego kits.

Bolland pitched his strong love and affection for the product, like any good interviewee. “Dear Sir/Madam, I am six years old and I love Lego [and] have a box of it.”I hide my Lego so my brother cant get it. I am the man [for] the job because I have lots of experience. Love, Stanley. (ref: model builders job),” reads the adorable (and effective) cover letter.
Check out the handwritten cover letter, from the 6-year old Lego applicant, below.